Recently finished polishing, UwULang, the #1 language for getting things done 😾

More info can be found on the website: uwulang.com

The website didn’t take too long to complete, only the animations taking longer than Β½ the time in coding it. I consider it my magnum opus of design as of now even though it took maybe 4-5 hours to code up and a few hours of refinement later. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like, although it is missing animations. In addition some parts are not completed (like the Try it here section)


Right now I am still working on setting up the docs and having an inline interpreter in JavaScript. In addition I am setting up a sponsor link for it.

UwULang itself is actually a turing-complete language modelled after the measured UwUness of a programming language called BrainFuck. To see the full specification see github.com/UwULang/uwulang/blob/main/uwulang.md

To give a brief overview, UwULang has 8 basic instructions:

  • πŸ‘† - increment
  • πŸ‘‡ - decrement
  • πŸ‘‰- go right
  • πŸ‘ˆ- go left
  • πŸ₯Ί- print char
  • 😳- get char
  • πŸ₯΄- random short
  • πŸ˜’- jump to 😑if curr == 0
  • 😑- jump back to πŸ˜’ if curr != 0

To run hello world you would have to do


Check out the original implementation in C: github.com/UwULang/uwulang