Update November 7

Update November 7

πŸ‘‹ Hey there, it’s been a month and I have been so very busy. The most recent project I completed was the game jam this week where I completed The Last Dodo. You can play it here online even: struckdown.itch.io/the-last-dodo


This was an exciting game jam, had lots to do but finished early. I finally used something I learnt at school (πŸ˜…) which was using simple rule based systems for emergent behaviours. This was also my first time using Godot!

Other than making this fun game, I had lots of my plate thanks to working two part time jobs and more side projects. \

I will now go thought some of my side projects now.


My first side project is a Brainfuck clone, but instead of using simple ascii characters, I used emojis so something like


It would be like this


To learn more see github.com/Zeyu-Li/uwulang for the Python and the C interpreter otherwise use github.com/Zeyu-Li/uwufier to transpile Brainfuck to UwULang

Bottom Penguin Coin

The next side project I want to talk about is my Bottom Penguin Coin website. What started as a meme with me wanting to learn blockchain turns into a real project I have been working on for fun. This part is the website with cool 3D animation and tailwind (css library)

Find out more here github.com/Zeyu-Li/bottom-penguin-coin-website or view the website in full here coins.andrewli.site


The final project I want to talk about is a series of projects involving KaTeX/LaTeX. Most of these projects involve learning a new web framework. For my LaTeX to KaTeX converter I learnt Vue [Zeyu-Li/latex-katex-converter] and for the Overleaf clone I learnt Angular [github.com/Zeyu-Li/overleaf-lite]. These projects are all live thanks to Vercel so click on the GitHub links then the website link to see a live demo


Other than that, I have been working through a ton of kattis problems and I am doing a week long hackathon!


Thanks for reading this blog post and I will keep you updated for the future…

- Your Lovable Penguin 🐧



P.S. Might post next month πŸ™