New Month New Job

New Month

Now it’s Spooktober, which means more than 1 month has passed since school started! That means the fall semester is more than 1/4 over 😱. While my last update has been recent, lots have been going around in the background. First I got another part time job as a full stack developer at @Zero RampUp, a startup focusing on DevOps tools. I’ve been learning so much on the job and even though I’m working 2 jobs and being a full time student, I’ve still got lots of time on my hands, although less so. This is mostly attributed to having 2 out of 3 easy classes.

In other news my hackathon swag still hasn’t arrived `(*>﹏<*)′. I’m signing up to other hackathons for swag as well but maybe I should not even think about it since the hackathon from more than 2 months ago still hasn’t shipped anything out or sent any updates.


Well I think that wraps it up for this update. Unfortunately I’ve not had a lot of time to make artwork so maybe next time

- Penguin out <3