Update Jan. 21

Update January 21

Well, itโ€™s been around one or two weeks since I posted an update so here it is! I have started the second semester of year two of uni and it is a relief. This is mostly due to the fact that I have 4 computer science courses this semester as opposed to last semester which only had 2. Not to say I wasnโ€™t interested in non computer science courses, but they are not what I came to do in university. To be honest I have been slacking off in the last couple of days in terms of school work but I will fix that today. In the meanwhile, I have finished a lot of things I have been wanting to get to that I did during the winter break. Some of these things include:

  1. Adding light most to the eClass extension
  2. Made a Discord bot that can make Midi music given input from chat
  3. PDF splitting script
  4. Sorting algorithms (Python)
  5. Finished learning the express framework


During the time since the last update, I also did a hackathon that may or may not have been rigged in the engineerโ€™s favour. Our team did a react-native/firebase project that had a community tab to share recipes. Because none of us had any experience with react-native and an imperceptibly small amount of firebase experience, we barely had a working product in the end. However, it didnโ€™t seem to matter because the top 2 teams did hardware projects. Anyway, there is another hackathon soon so perhaps that will be better! ๐Ÿ™

The project along with the landing page can be found below:

Update fin, enjoy this cute video I found online