Is School Jail

Is School Jail?

School, a learning institution? Well I personally learn better through a project based low pressure based environment so I would argue that school is a prison for me. From personal experience I can say after a university course, I almost always have less interest in the subject than if I were to explore it on my own. I think this is mostly due to pace and topic not matching my interest. Whatever my interests are, they also donโ€™t extend for 4 months and mix with 5 other subjects so I donโ€™t think university is for me. However, this does not mean Iโ€™m going to quit uni however attractive. The fact is, most high value employers still have a strong bias for those with degrees. In addition, school is mostly a utility to socialize and network. The countless amount of interesting people I have met throughout have been worth it for me. Although this does not lessen the comparisons to jail, it surely isnโ€™t the worst. In conclusion, I find uni soul crushing to my curiosity and hope it will be over soon (hopefully only 1 year left).

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