New Year!

New Years Eve

It’s new years eve my dudes! I truly hope next year will be better than 2020 but I’ve probably jinxed it! Nevertheless, I have tons of plans for the new year and I hope to get an internship.

This reminds me, although I have never made a New Year’s resolution as I don’t believe in setting goals on particular days, I will make one this year. I usually just set goals in the form of adding to my TODO list whenever they pop into my mind, but I can see that this is a value for setting “themes” for the new year.

Themes for the New Year

  1. Make a difference in people’s lives either big or small
  2. Being more of a “family” man

I know I have only included 2 themes, but I think they are enough and I can always add to it later (at any time of the year) because goals can be set at any time of the year!

I hope you all had a good holiday season and I hope to hear from you in the new year!

- Love Andrew ❤️