Well today I joined a group from my first hackathon! This is the Alberta HackED and has no definite topic. This caught me off guard as these things usually have topics so judges can have an easier time, um… judging! Anyhow, I managed to join a group of 3 that are planning on doing a web app about recipes. I hope I don’t disappoint them and I am kind of stressed because it’s 4 of us not knowing any React Native, which is likely our platform of choice!

I’m also tasked with making a logo so that will be fun 🙃

Other things

Another thing I’ve been working on today has been my resume, which is coming along really well. I don’t know why I keep procrastinating it tho 😅. Anyways, after completing it tomorrow, I will finally be released to doing things that are on my list of things I plan to do at one point

- ❤️Andrew