In Review


Well this week has been turbulent to say the least, however, we wish the best to our southern neighbours.

With that out of the way, I want to look back at what I did other the extended winter break (3 week break in total πŸ₯³). During this break, I feel like I did a lot and nothing at all, so let’s examine why that is. From the start of the break, I was hyper productive with

  • resume/sv
  • cover letter
  • school course requirements (fillable pdf made in LaTeX)
  • vs-code snippets extension
  • updating website and GitHub index
  • Fixed bugs in my repos
  • Updating and upgrading some old repos
  • Created this blog
  • Started preparing for hackathon
  • Created makefile template/tutorial

Then I feel in a slump a week before the last day of break for a couple of days. After I got over the slum, I finished

  • Implementing 204 algorithms
  • Made a react-native project to praxis for Hackathon

And that leaves me with 2 more days till the end of the winter break. As you can see, it may seem like a lot, but most of these things are really simple and took longer than I expected 😞. I wanted to get more done over the break, but what can you do, time is an invaluable object.


It’s not too late to say what I plan to learn in the new year, so here I go:

  • Vue
  • GraphQL
  • Electron
  • Express
  • Machine Learning (for school)
  • SQLite (for school)

I will keep it short for now since I don’t want to waste time learning something if I’m not excited or invested in that technology. Anyways, I hope your year has gone well so far and I wish you the best in the new year

- Andrew