Stealth Off

Today, I am proud to announce that stealth mode has turned off and that Tinkering Penguin YouTube is now online! See the new trailer I made:

Expect more videos soon! πŸ₯³

For this trailer I used blender for the first 2 scenes then I used after effects for the timeline scene. The music is Sunrise in Paris by Dan Henig which I sliced up. This trailer took 2 to 3 days to make but the idea for transitions and scenes took about a whole month which I storyboarded before animating.

Overall a really fun project and I am really proud of the result considering my previous works were nothing exceptional. Of course there could be a lot of improvements made on this because I didn’t want to get stuck on this for too long.

Details on How I made it

First scene is a fake fluid which I used this tutorial for. Next scene with the donut I used an actual fluid simulation (which is particle based with rule based interactions I’m pretty sure) with one inflow behind and one up from the middle of the donut hole. This part was supposed to look like stop motion. The last part is just a simple timeline which I used after effects to animate.

I’m particularly proud of my transition work. I have been reading a lot on transitions and I wanted to incorporate it in. This transition from the fluid fill to donut is a match cut that I had to plan out well in advance. Then from the 3D to timeline I had another match cut with the motion of the video. Of course there were some things I could have improved on. Some anticipation of the motion just mentioned previously would have been good. I took inspiration from this tutorial by Ben Marriott

Music is Sunrise in Paris by Dan Henig which I had to cut up to fit the match cuts and probably could have been done better but I think I got a good slice in.