πŸŽ₯ Soul

I watched Soul by Pixar just the other day and it was the most wonderful experience yet. Easily top 3 Pixar films of all time! The animations are really clean and crisp and honestly it wasn’t really a kids movie at all. This probably means it won’t perform well at the box office, especially since it will be all digital therefore I am really saddened that deep thoughtful movies will get the hatchet first because they aren’t profitable 😒.

Thoughts (Spoilers)

The themes explored provide deep and profound moments during the film. I took the message to heart and this was an impactful film for my life! I think viewing a second time will be just as impactful as the first as there is a lot to unpack and comprehend. πŸ‘ for Pixar and the team working on this film, especially in this tough and challenging year!