My First Real Job

My First Real Job

A great success has been achieved since the last update. I got accepted as a part time research assistant for the University of Alberta! This will be my first real job and I’m very excited for what’s in store for me. On the other hand, some sad news for my computer architecture class, where the average is a 1.6/4.0 😳.

Other news


I’ve completed a whole range of tasks after the last update. This includes contributing to a open source project that visualizes how the classes at my university fit together. Here is a preview


The source code is found here while the website is found here

Try Hack Me

I have been going on a rampage trying to get a lot of rooms finished before my subscription runs out on June 2. This was ~10 before what I had expected so I’m making a mad dash to finishing at least all the beginner set and some of the other rooms.


I also did some general clean up of my old project and started a guide on starting a lit Discord server (see Other general updates include school stuff and residence stuff for when I get back in person in the fall.

E for Dinos

The last thing I want to bring you is a project I started where you calculate e (Euler’s number) via Monte Carlo method in ancient programing languages (before 1991). Contribute now on GitHub. Currently there are 6 different programming languages and I have a cute logo 😊


That’s all for now folks, don’t give up and believe in yourself 💖