Hacker Fails

Hackathon Fails

This weekend I partook in the 24 hour Calgary hackathon. To say it was a disaster is a straight up lie. It all started when 1 of the 3 teammates (including myself) did not show up till ~2 hours in. Since we decided on a React project and I was the only one that was familiar with the framework while the other two needed to get up to speed, we decided halfway through that we should just withdraw. In addition an awful lot of time was deciding the topic and project we wanted to do. Since the topics weren’t the best this year, we must have taken an hour or two deciding what we should do. In the end we did not have a lot of motivation and not a lot of stakes in the hack. To see our sad attempt of a project go here

While it is important to look at successes, failures should also be examined and in fact are one of the best learning experiences. For this hack, I did learn quite a lot about React but most importantly the bigger lesson is that 24 hour hackathons are the definition of a time crush and that 3 people is definitely not enough. Don’t skimp out on more members and make sure you all know some things before going into the hack.


Many people have asked me why and how I do so many projects which are visible on GitHub. The reason for my 115 repos is that I do project based learning. This means I learn primarily by doing projects that I would use. I feel this helps me learn because I can just recall a previous project or I look back at the project as a reference.

Plans for Reading Week

I have a few plans for reading week that I hope to get to:

  1. Make a chat app using React-Firebase-Websockets
  2. Start my advanced Unity 3D tutorial
  3. Find the viability of creating a LLC (company)
  4. Maybe creating some music

Well have a good day guys and I hope your week was better than mine 😘