End of Internship

End of Internship

Last week was my last week at my Intuit internship πŸ˜”. While it is a very sad event, reflecting back, it was a great 8 months, special thanks to Braedan Jongerius for being my rockstar mentor and Madhu Talasila for stepping in as my manager halfway through my internship!

Now that my internship is over, it is time to get on the university grind while also looking for a winter internship (meaning I have to go to leetcode grind 😡).

P.S. I’m in talks to get a R&D internship involving the metaverse at Intuit next summer!


Something I am not a big fan of is going back to school, however it will be nice to go to events and meet new people. In addition, I am striving to be proficient in neovim during my time in school. Hopefully it goes well and does not slow me down uwu.

(Update May 2023, I’m still trying to get up to speed on vim and I’m making goo process)

That’s all for now, here is ice cream penguin to end it off this time: