April Update

April Update

Hi folks, it’s already a quarter way through the year 😳so probably best to give an update. Additionally it is my birthday this month so yet another revolution around the sun while I wasn’t awake!


Currently having a good time at Intuit and looking forward to actually going in person in May. This will be my first time in the office and I am so excited to finally meet some people in person rather than on zoom. From the posts on Slack I see some very exciting events going on in the office so far that I wasn’t part of so it is my destiny to partake in those fun events soon.

In addition to the main job, I’m gonna start a business for my freelancing mostly, so that will be exciting since I have much to do and I’m excited for what comes next! Currently looking ahead and trying to get some freelancing clients under my company so if you know anyone, 📞me


Don’t worry about projects, I still going on those but at a slower pace now because of all the other things I am doing

Create a Business

Since I am going through the motions of creating a business, I feel like it’s my duty to create a doc for others (and future me 😳) to follow when creating a business

Link: zeyu-li.github.io/create-your-business

Source: github.com/Zeyu-Li/create-your-business

Freelancing site

Created a freelancing site but will probably replace it with one under my company

Live link: freelancing.andrewli.site

Source: github.com/Zeyu-Li/freelance

Figma Docs

Created a massive doc for using Figma (I will now use it as a design language for documenting things in the future)

See github.com/Zeyu-Li/figma-docs


Thanks for getting through my blog post 👋

Haven’t made any art since the last update post but I will rectify that soon hopefully

In the meantime, enjoy this art piece I did before the last post with slight modifications: